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Dublin Bus Driver Trainers

Dublin Bus has a fleet of 14 buses in its driving school. Buses from all garages are used. They have a special livery of red & white. The fleet is made up entirely of RH class Leyland Olympians. The list is as follows:

RH6 + RH7 from Ringsend

RH19 + RH20 from Summerhill

RH65 from Conyngham Rd.

RH84+RH85+RH88 from Donnybrook

RH140-RH142 from Clontarf

Also RH1 + RH31 + RH32 which are used to familiarise drivers in how to use Wayfarer ticket machine and how to use Autofare machine.

All are based in Broadstone but maintained in the garages listed above.

Click the fleet numbers to see pictures of each bus.

RH1 , RH6 , RH7 , RH19 , RH20 , RH31 , RH32 , RH65 , RH84 , RH85 , RH88 , RH140 , RH141 , RH142 .